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Dr. med. Estefanía Lang

Specialist in Dermatology
CEO & Cofounder

Estefanía Lang is a specialist in dermatology and founder and managing director of Medilogin. She was born in Gran Canaria, where she studied at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Since 2011 her heart beats for dermatology and she completed her dermatology training at the Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

She graduated magna cum laude, has published in internationally renowned titles (Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine and Bolognia’s Dermatology) and decided in 2018 to share her knowledge with Medilogin.  “During my study phase in preparation for the medical specialist exam, I realized that there should be more tools to impart specialist knowledge in a simplified way and to use the limited time available more effectively.”

Since 2019, she has been co-founder of the largest online dermatology practice (dermanostic GmbH) and an expert in teledermatology .

Dr. med. Alice Martin

Physician in training in dermatology
CEO & Cofounder

Alice Martin is a Doctor of Dermatology and received extensive didactic training as part of her studies at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

Already in her early years of study, she has been teaching doctors in the specialist discipline of "Diagnostic Imaging", most recently also at the "European Congress of Internal Medicine".

In addition, she has conducted many further training courses on medical didactics and trained numerous tutors. Alice Martin realised that “Many lectures are far below their potential – with targeted didactics, the participant not only perceives and hears, but additionally  understands the material. Thus at the end of the lecture they can apply and retain the imparted knowledge on a long-term basis.”

Since 2019 she has been co-founder of the largest online dermatological practice (dermanostic GmbH) and since 2021 she has been teaching as a lecturer at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf.



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Cooperation Partners

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Jorge Frank

Specialist in dermatology

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Volker Steinkraus

Dermatologist specializing in Allergology and Dermatopathology.

Prof. Dr. med. Percy Lehmann

Specialist in dermatology

Dr. med. José Luis López Estebaranz

Specialist in dermatology

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. dent. Jörg Handschel

Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery with additional qualification in plastic and esthetic surgery Specialist dentist for oral surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Tietz

Specialist in Microbiology and Infection Epidemiology After completing his medical studies in St. Petersburg

Dr. med. Klaus-Werner Schulte

Specialist in dermatology with additional qualifications in the fields of phlebology, medicinal tumour therapy and allergology

Dr. med. Susanne von Schmiedeberg

Specialist in dermatology

Marta Hernández Meneses

Specialist in internal medicine and specialisation in infectious diseases

Lan Li

Physician in specialist training for neurosurgery

Dr . med. Almudena Nuño

Specialist in dermatology

Dr. med. Katharina Kutsch



by Dr. Babett Ramsauer and Dr. Thilo Gröning

Dr . med. Elena Vargas

Specialist in dermatology and venerology

Dr. med. Esther Cuerda Galindo

Specialist in dermatology

Prof. Dr. med. Axel Hauschild

Specialist in dermatology and venereology, additional qualification: allergology, phlebology, and medicinal tumor therapy

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Harald Kittler

Specialist in dermatology, specialisations: Early detection, melanoma diagnostics, dermatopathology