MEDILOGIN | Aesthetic Medical Academy

Our Story

It all started in 2017, when Alice and Estefanía met at the dermatology clinic, the University Clinic of Düsseldorf.

Alice was in her final year of study (as an intern) and Estefanía was about to take her residency exam. Through study afternoons and meetings together, not only did a friendship develop, but also the idea of digitalizing dermatological teaching – thus, the Aesthetic Medical Academy MEDILOGIN was founded.

One year later, the first online courses and workshops on the topic of “dermatology and aesthetics” were already available. Due to high demand and a fantastic team, course offers were expanded so much that today, over 10,000 doctors worldwide have been trained and many more join them each day.

We design our educational content for practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine: physicians, dentists, alternative practitioners and cosmeticians.

We are Germany’s leading online aesthetic academy. We offer you compact, flexible and accessible education on the go, from the comfort of your home or on-site, and intend to meet your individual needs.

How does MEDILOGIN support doctors?

Our online courses are CME-certified and we work in partnership with the Nordrhein Medical Association. Thus, our educational content is officially recognised and didactically designed to provide optimal learning results.

Why do physicians trust MEDILOGIN?

We combine clinical know-how with practical experience and entertainment. Learning with MEDILOGIN is an enjoyable experience!

The Netflix for aesthetics – no matter where, no matter when. with MEDILOGIN, you are always up to date with the latest in aesthetic medicine. Extend your medical expertise online with us today!

Our Culture and Our Team

MEDILOGIN combines the most important qualities in a dynamic team: motivation, professionalism and aesthetics as the basis of digital teaching  at our academy.
We know that it is our differences that constitutes us and our educational content. A solid organization that promotes the skills of each team member allows us to grow collectively. We encourage each other to achieve unique results, to gain new experiences and try new ways of doing things.

Andrea web
Andrea Marketing Manageress
Maxime Kommunikation Manageress
Lisa E 2_
Lisa Graphic Designer
Christina Marketing Assistant
Manon Content Creator
Julia Instructor
Doris (2)
Doris Instructor
Alina Instructor
Gerardo web
Gerardo English & Spanish Editor
Boris Web
Boris English Training Instructor
Alejandro Spanish Training Instructor

Our Cooperation Partners

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Jorge Frank

Dermatology Specialist

Dr. med. José Luis López Estebaranz

Dermatology Specialist

Dr. med. Klaus-Werner Schulte

Dermatology Specialist with additional qualifications in Phlebology, medical tumor therapy and Allergology

Dr . med. Elena Vargas

Dermatology and Venereology Specialist

Dr . med. Almudena Nuño

Dermatology Specialist

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Volker Steinkraus

Dermatology Specialist with additional qualifications in Allergology and Dermatohistopathology


from Dr. med. Babett Ramsauer und Dr. med. Thilo Gröning

Dr. med. Esther Cuerda Galindo

Dermatology Specialist

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Harald Kittler

Dermatology Specialist with specialties in Early Detection, Melanoma Diagnostics, Dermatopathology

Prof. Dr. med. Percy Lehmann

Dermatology Specialist

Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz

Professor of Medical Management at FOM University

Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner

Medical Director and Chairman of the Executive Board at Essen University Hospital

Marta Hernández Meneses

Internal Medicine Specialist and specialization in the field of infectious diseases

Dr. med. Susanne von Schmiedeberg

Dermatology Specialist

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Tietz

Microbiology and infectious disease Epidemiology Specialist

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. dent. Jörg Handschel

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist with additional qualifications in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Axel Hauschild

Dermatology and Venereology Specialist, additional qualifications in Allergology, Phlebology and medical tumor therapy