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Aesthetic Medicine Online Courses

MEDILOGIN’s aesthetic medicine courses provide you with an in-depth overview of the four most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

This Aesthetic Medicine training provides you with unlimited access to the content of the course. This allows you to view and review the lessons anytime and anywhere. Learn at your own pace.

MEDILOGIN is an international medical academy with a wide range of CME courses in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Dermatologists and scientific directors Dr. med. Estefanía Lang and Dr. med. Alice Martin, in collaboration with a group of highly trained experts, have designed innovative didactic video lessons based on their knowledge from years of experience. Learn more about our doctors. 

With our Aesthetic Courses Bundle, you gain the opportunity to acquire comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid treatments as well as sclerotherapy. The medical contents of these three Masterclasses are clearly summarised within this course and also represent the spectrum of the most sought-after aesthetic therapies.

Aesthetic Medicine Combo-Packages

by MEDILOGIN | Germany's First Online Aesthetic Medical Academy

Botulinum Toxin Online Masterclass (96 minutes)

Botulinum treatments are some of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Germany. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, or an advanced practitioner who wants to take our Botulinum course, we will show you how to correctly perform this administer to your patients.

Thanks to their advanced experience gathered over many years, our licensed doctors introduce you to the common indications for botulinum treatment in aesthetic medicine as well as the latest, most up to date techniques.

We impart focused expertise to you in our injection videos, in which we explain from two perspectives the correct marking of injection points, detailed information on therapy and application of botulinum as well as the subsequent professional injection of botulinum.

We demonstrate the preparation of all available botulinum products from various manufacturers in Germany.

Hyaluronic Acid Online Masterclass (110 minutes)

With the assistance of our online hyaluronic acid course, you will learn about hyaluronic acid injections, injection localisation for wrinkle and volume treatment, and also the treatment of possible complications. You will receive Online access to our video lessons (mechanisms of action, product selection, patient information, injection techniques and possible complications).

This course is CME certified and suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Afterwards, we go through the content of the course together both visually and auditorily, and summarise the most important points. In our injection videos, we show you the professional administration of a hyaluronic acid injection from two different perspectives.

Varicose Sclerosis Online Masterclass (50 minutes)

In this online sclerotherapy course, you will learn all the basics of injection therapy using Aethoxysklerol®. You recieve a comprehensive overview of the anatomical basics, examination methods as well as possible treatments, including their indications and complications.

In the expanded course on spider veins, we focus on the Aethoxysklerol® injection for sclerotherapy and show you hands-on treatment videos.

Lipolysis Online Masterclass (39 minutes)

This online course on the injection of lipolysis allows you to learn about various injection locations on the body and face, all at your own pace. You will get a close-up insight into lipodystrophy with the fat-away-injection through illustrative hands-on treatment videos.

You will learn how to inform your patients about the procedure and how the injection of lipolysis is to be performed. Our online course concludes with up-to-date information on aftercare and possible complications.

What do I learn from Medilogin's aesthetic medicine courses?

You are provided with comprehensive information on the legal fundamentals, patient preparation and patient information. You learn the specific injection techniques at a wide range of injection sites, as well as the associated possible complications. In our aesthetics course, you will also learn how to prepare an exemplary invoice for botulinum treatment (according to the German Scale of Medical Fees, or GOÄ). With the help of our online trainer and hands-on videos, you are be able to practice everthing that you have learned from Medilogin, as well as long-term access to the provided information at your convenience.

What advantages do Medilogin's aesthetic medicine courses offer me?

  • 35 lessons
  • 2 personalised certificates
  • 3 CME points
  • Compact course script (PDF)
  • Patient Clarification: BTX (PDF)
  • Online trainer (32 case studies)
  • 45 lessons
  • 3 personalised certificates per email
  • CME certifications
  • Compact course script (PDF)
  • Clarification: BTX (PDF)
  • Clarification: Varicosis (PDF)
  • Online Trainer (32 case studies)

Who are Medilogin's aesthetic courses suitable for?

Our aesthetic courses are aimed at doctors (both residents and specialists, regardless of their field), nurses, students, and anyone who is interested in learning the content of our courses.

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant in our online course – we work with you starting from your individual level of knowledge and proceed through the topics together.

Legal Requirements

It should be noted that hyaluronic acid treatment in Germany may only be carried out by licensed physicians (even without specialisation) and non-medical practitioners with the required additional qualifications.

Treatment with botulinum, on the other hand, may only be carried out on patients in Germany by licensed physicians (even without specialisation) as well as dentists (exclusively around the mouth).

If you have further questions about the legal intricacies regarding these practices, please contact the responsible health authority in your country for more information.

High Quality Didactics

Our aesthetic medicine courses have been designed by highly trained experts. Lessons include helpful repetitions and videos.


Courses are available at anytime, anywhere; you can practice them as often as you desire and learn at your own personal pace.

Interactive Learning

With the video lessons you learn all the important aspects of aesthetic medicine. Through our online trainer you can practice your skill and deepen your knowledge.

Hands-On Botulinum Toxin Videos

Thanks to our numerous hands-on videos, you receive comprehensive, practice-oriented tips and tricks for the optimal application of fillers and botulinum toxin. You also learn various techniques, and how to choose and utilise the cannula that is suitable for the injection you intend to carry out. 

The content of our online botulinum toxin course was designed by means of modern medical-didactic methods. The fundamentals of botulinum injections, handling of patients, as well as possible complications, are illustrated in concrete practical examples. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience significantly boosts the learning effect!

Thanks to our practical injection videos, we are able to go through the various steps for injections with you. This will help you master safe, professional and competent application for your patients in everyday clinical practice.

What our participants say about MEDILOGIN:

Combo 1

999 incl. VAT
  • Original price: €1,496
  • 39 lessons
  • Duration: approx. 210 min
  • Online access: 18 months
  • 2 personalised certificates
  • Hyperhidrosis Course
  • BTX Masterclass
  • Online trainer: 32 examples
  • Compact course script
  • Patient clarification (PDF)
  • 4 CME points
  • Hyaluronic Acid Masterclass
  • Products / Cannulae (PDF)

Combo 2

1,299 incl. VAT
  • Original price: €1,197
  • 47 lessons
  • Duration: approx. 245 min
  • Online access: 18 months
  • 3 personalised certificates
  • Hyperhidrosis course
  • BTX Masterclass
  • Online trainer: 32 examples
  • Compact course script
  • Patient clarification (PDF)
  • 5 CME points
  • Hyaluronic Acid Masterclass
  • Products / Cannulae (PDF)
  • Varicosis Masterclass
  • Patient clarification: sclerotherapy (PDF)

Combo 3

BTX + HYA + VKS + Lipolyse
1,569 incl. VAT
  • Original price: €1,496
  • 55 lessons
  • Duration: approx. 290 min
  • Online access: 18 months
  • 4 personalised certificates
  • Hyperhidrosis course
  • BTX Masterclass
  • Online trainer: 32 examples
  • Compact course script
  • Patient clarification (PDF)
  • 5 CME points
  • Hyaluronic Acid Masterclass
  • Products / Cannulae (PDF)
  • Varicosis Masterclass
  • Patient education sclerotherapy (PDF)
  • Lipolysis Masterclass
  • Patient clarification: lipolysis injection (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Aesthetic Medicine

Our courses are aimed at doctors, dentists, alternative practitioners, medicine students, and all those who are interested and feel drawn to the content that we offer.

The application and carrying out of what is learned via our content is, within Germany, only available to a select group of professionals. Please inform about the rules in your country by contacting the relevant medical association.

If you are interested in one of our aesthetic courses, it is important to mention that treatments with botulinum toxin or varicose vein sclerotherapy may only be carried out on patients by licensed doctors (even without medical specialisation) in Germany. If you have further legal questions, please contact the respective health authority in your country for further information.

Our aesthetics courses include combinations of several treatments. In our A1 Aesthetics Course, for example, you learn how to inject botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid. For both courses, you will receive a personalised. You can access this certificate by applying for it via your user account on our website.

Yes! Our Masterclass also includes the contents of our Basic and Premium Courses, which is why you have the option to book it directly. In addition to this, the Masterclass also includes further lessons, so that you don’t miss out on any of our high quality content!

Our graduate success speaks for itself – our course participants recommend our courses! They are didactically optimised so that every participant is prepared for practical applications at the end of the online course.