Botox® Course 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany

19. Februar 2022 | 23. April 2022


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Learn the botulinum toxin treatment in 3 hours

  • incl. models
  • incl. beverages and catering
  • incl. course materials
  • 90% practical exercises
  • incl. online Masterclass (90 min.)

We will show you the Botox® treatment on site!

Would you like to learn how Botox® injections are carried out professionally?

Our Botox® Course 2021 starts with a brief introductory lecture on the legal basis and the calculation of units. This is followed immediately by the practical session - the injection of Botox® on the forehead, glabella and lateral corner of the eye. This involves training in marking the injection points and performing the injections on our models.

Instead of botulinum toxin, sodium chloride (NaCI) is used, as it is completely free of side effects. There is no difference between the treatment with botulinum toxin and sodium chloride.

In the second part of the course, we focus in detail on the injection of Botox® on the Masseter, nose, chin and neck.


Goals of the workshop

You will be able to reproduce the legal basis and unit calculation of all preparations approved in Germany. You will be trained to perform a professional wrinkle treatment of the glabella, forehead, lateral eye wrinkles, nose, chin, masseter and neck. We will teach you the measures to be taken after the treatment.


Online access included

With the purchase of the workshop you will also receive free access to our online BTX Masterclass. With the online course you can prepare yourself in detail for the workshop. All content is also included in our total of 21 online lessons, so that you can view them whenever and wherever you need them.


More than just Botox®

We would like to point out that the term Botox® is an official brand name. We act independently of the manufacturer: Botox®, Bocouture®, Azzalure®, Xeomin®, Dysport® and Vistabel®. In the workshop you will learn the whole treatment with NaCl (you can inject this without inhibitions as there are no side effects).


Next workshop

Masterclass for aesthetic medicine

Based on many years of experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology, our licensed doctors will introduce you to the latest techniques of Botox® injections at different locations in our didactically innovative masterclass. During the Botox® treatment, no toxins are used but sodium chloride (NaCI) in order to avoid possible complications. Also, the use of NaCI should help to avoid possible inhibitions.

We take care of everything else

The models are organised by us. On request, you can also bring your own model. With the help of different facial expressions, you will learn the optimal injection points for mimic wrinkles and at the same time you can practice and deepen your injection techniques. 

Our course runs as follows:

  • Theory session: Legal basics & units
  • Practical session: Injections glabella, forehead & lateral corner of the eye
  • Break: Drinks included
  • Theory session: Clarification & after treatment
  • Practical session: off-label injections (nose, chin, masseter, neck)

You would like a personal consultation?

Licensed physicians are allowed to perform the therapy with botulinum toxin, unrestricted by the choice or training status of the medical specialty.

As a dentist, it is possible to use botulinum toxin for the appropriate indication in the area of the mouth (up to the border of the lip red). If there are further legal questions about Botox® treatment (botulinum toxin), please contact the health authority in your country for more information.

If you have any further questions about our Botox Workshop, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at the following address

Botox Workshop in Düsseldorf 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about the Botox Workshop (FAQ)

You have the possibility to register for information about upcoming Botox Masterclasses on site. We will inform you in time by e-mail. Please register by filling out the form and enter your contact details.

Our on-site Botox course is also open to alternative practitioners, but we would like to point out that the injection of botulinum toxin is not permitted for alternative practitioners in Germany. If you are interested in one of our other aesthetic medicine therapies as a non-medical practitioner, we recommend our course on hyaluronic acid.

Once you have booked the Botox course on site, you will receive access to the Online Botox Masterclass. The online masterclass is an ideal preparation for the workshop, but you are not obliged to complete it beforehand.

International participants have the chance to register for the course as well. We offer an extra English language Botox course on site for our international group. In addition, our online courses are available in 3 languages (German, English, Spanish). The videos of the associated online lessons are spoken by licensed doctors in their native language.

If you have already booked one of our online Botox courses, you only pay the difference between your course and the on-site Masterclass. You have booked the online Botox Masterclass and would now like to buy the on-site course as well? Then you only pay the difference of both courses, which means that you don't pay more than 350€ for the Botox workshop.