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A1 Aesthetic Combo-Package

3h 26m

Contents of this course

45 Lessons3h 26m

BTX Basic Course

Lesson 1 – Legal basis00:03:20
Lesson 2 – Preparation & patient education00:05:49
Lesson 3 – Preparation of BTX00:08:54
Lesson 4 – Before injecting00:03:29
Lesson 5 – Injection of the glabella00:04:32
Lesson 6 – Injection of the forehead00:03:49
Lesson 7 – Injection of the lateral corner of the eye00:03:01
Lesson 8 – Complications00:02:25

BTX Premium Course

BTX Masterclass

Certificate & PDF document

Hyaluronic Basic Course

Hyaluronic Premium Course

Hyaluronic Masterclass

Certificate & PDF document


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40 Lessons - 206 minutes


Who is this online course for?

This online course is suitable for beginners and professionals.

After this online course you have the theoretical knowledge to directly implement into practice.

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