Dermoscopy Webinar Online

With this dermoscopy webinar you will learn the basics of basal cell carcinoma and the rare pigmented basal cell carcinoma.

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to learn and see different samples of the most common clinical cases.

Dermoscopy webinar

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Thursday, the 10th of June 2021 I at 6:00 PM (GMT+1)

Free Dermatoscopy Webinar (ENG)

Dr. med. Alice Martin, tutor at the FOM institute in Germany and co-founder of Medilogin will be presenting our dermoscopy webinar in English.

This webinar is a short fragment of our premium dermoscopy course.

They can be purchased with lifetime access in our shop and will teach you the most important basics of dermatoscopy. You will gain an excellent understanding of the most important skin lesions you will encounter in your daily clinical routine.

All dermoscopy courses of the Medical Academy Medilogin include an online quiz to help you train your eye to distinguish between the different types of moles.

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Our next Dermatoscopy Webinar:

Non melanoma skin cancer the 16th of September 2021

You can also send us your questions about dermatoscopes and suggestions for the creation of further webinars on dermoscopy or dermatosurgery.

Tip #1 by Dr. med. Alice Martin: With a polarized light dermatoscope you can see all skin lesions 10 times bigger. The most recommended is the DELTA 30 from Heine. For information about dermatoscopes and dermatoscopy Masterclass, please message us at contact@medi-login.com.

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