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Dermatology Combo-Package

Do you want to prepare for your examination as a specialist in dermatology MEDILOGIN combination packages provide you with a detailed overview of the contents of surgery, dermoscopy, and mycology in a compact but detailed course package.

Thanks to the Online access that comes with our online courses, you can flexibly continue your education at your own learning pace.

P1 Dermatology Combo-Package: 369€

24 Video Lessons

includes Surgery Masterclass

includes Dermatoscopy Masterclass

Length: approx. 170 m

Online Access: 18 months

4 CME Points

2 Personalised Certificates

Training Script (PDF)


P2 Dermatology Combo-Package: 539€

37 Video Lessons

includes Surgery Masterclass

includes Dermatoscppy Masterclass

includes Mycology Masterclass

Length: approx. 250 m

Online Access: 18 months

5 CME Points

3 Personalised Certificates

Training Script (PDF)


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The most commonly asked questions about our Dermatology Combo-Packages:

Our graduate success speaks for itself – our course participants recommend our courses! They are didactically optimised so that every participant is prepared for practical applications at the end of the online course.

Our courses are aimed at doctors, dentists, alternative practitioners, medicine students, and all those who are interested and feel drawn to the content that we offer.

The application and carrying out of what is learned via our content is, within Germany, only available to a select group of professionals. Please inform about the rules in your country by contacting the relevant medical association.

Since our course packages include the contents of our dermatology Masterlasses, you should only pay the respective difference between these courses for the upgrade to the combo-package. Please contact us directly by email at, so that we can send you a personalised coupon code.


The most frequently asked questions are answered in our FAQ .

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