You will learn all the basics about injection therapy with aethoxyscerol ® with our online sclerotherapy course. These lessons include basic anatomy, how to perform an adequate physical exam, and the different treatment options including indications and complications.

In this training unit about spider veins, we focus on the aethoxyscerol ® injection desertification and demonstrations using "hands-on" videos.

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Varicose veins

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Varicose veins

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Varices videos

With our audio-visual video lessons, you will learn all the important contents about the treatment of varices.

Practical Skills

In addition to the treatment, we will teach you how to examine patients and different treatment options as well as important complications.

High Quality Didactics

The high-resolution format and concise repetitions will help you retain what you have learned in the long term and retrieve your newly acquired knowledge.

Online varicosis premium course (43 minutes)

Get the basics of the sclerotherapy in 7 videos, including detailed "hands-on" videos from two camera perspectives!


  1. Definition
  2. Venous anatomy of the lower extremities
  3. Etiology
  4. Pathophysiology
  5. CEAP Classification
  6. Types of varicosis
  7. Risk factors


  1. Symptoms
  2. Clinical examinations
  3. Therapeutic options


  1. Indications
  2. Contraindications
  3. Legal bases
  4. Billing


  1. Preparation
  2. Mechanism of action
  3. Dosage


  1. Consultation
  2. Documentation
  3. Diagnosis


  1. Before injecting
  2. Injection technique
  3. Complications during the injection


  1. Compression therapy after injection
  2. Follow-up treatment
  3. Evaluation

Online Varikosis Masterclass (50 Minuten)

Learn the basics of the sclerotherapy in 8 videos, including complications, bonus lessons about the sclerotherapy procedure and final summary.

Lessons 1 through 7 from the premium course are included in the master class.


  1. General complications
  2. Paravenous injection
  3. Intraarterial injection


Comprehensive summary of sclerotherapy with some important clinical tips.


Detailed presentation and explanation of the injection materials (cannulas & butterflies).

Hands-on Varikosis Videos

With the help of numerous hands-on videos, you will obtain comprehensive, practice-oriented tips & tricks in order to optimize your sclerotherapy skills at anatomic localizations. You will also learn multiple techniques and possibilities on how to perform injections and which cannulas are indicated.

The content of the online varicosis course was created using modern medical-didactic methods. You will acquire basic knowledge of sclerotherapy, how to deal with patients, as well as the complications with our clear and concise examples. We combine knowledge with practical relevant content – your learning will be significantly more efficient!

Thanks to our practical injection videos, we will be able to go through the various steps of injection with you. You will certainly master the ideal therapy for your patients in everyday clinical life.

Your scleroseminar online.

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Online premium course

149 inc. VAT
  • Lessons 1 through 7
  • Duration: about 43 minutes
  • Lifelong access
  • Hands-on videos from 2 camera perspectives
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Online Masterclass

199 inc. VAT
  • Lessons 1 through 10
  • Duration: about 50 minutes
  • Lifetime access
  • Hands-on videos from 2 camera perspectives
  • Signed and sealed certificate by post
  • Compact script
  • 10% voucher for another course

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The course is suitable for everyone and regardless of individual level of knowledge. We start with the absolute basics so that everyone can learn the complete theory and practice of varicose veins from beginning to end.